How to Tailor Your Rental Contracts to Each Customer Type

How to Tailor Your Rental Contracts to Each Customer Type

As your business expands, you will gain more and more customers with different perspectives and preferences. Are you the sort of company that prides itself on customer satisfaction? Well then, you might face roadblocks when trying to adapt your contract format to fit every client you face. Luckily, we're here to tell you how you could EASILY tailor your event rental contracts to each and every type of customer out there with the use of Goodshuffle Pro!

For the Plain Jane/ Keep it Simple Customer

We all have those customers who want things kept extra simple and black-and-white. These customers are the ones who prefer easy-to-read over additional photos, details, or descriptions. Instead they'd elect just item names, prices, and terms of conditions. Although you as a creative may find this boring, understand that not everyone is in for the glamour of a modern day contract. It is very important to tailor your services the customer's convenience when possible. Making decisions on how you want to display your contracts should be decided on a client-to-client basis. If you feel a client is one of those "plain and simple" types, you may make the decision to cut back on the aesthetics of the contract to help your customer's needs.

Luckily, in Goodshuffle Pro event rental software, you have the ability to add or delete photos, attributes, and descriptions simply by un-checking these buttons on the contract settings. Voila!

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The Old School Client

When tailoring your services to "old school" customers, payment services may just be your most important. I'm sure you have had clients here and there that still don't trust the internet or providing you with their credit card information. Some may just find joy in mailing you their payment in an envelope! This is why you should always have a system ready to allow traditional cash or check payments by mail. By providing this, the customer will once again be amazed by your flexibility.

Goodshuffle Pro allows you to easily provide information on physical payments right on your contract. You also have the choice to remove this option when desired. With the click of a button, your online contract will automatically display a section that directs the customer where to send their payment, for whom to make a check out to, and the invoice number to put into the memo section on the check. You can then add it into the billing tab of the project as an offline payment. Don't forget that your ability to charge online payments will still be available! Event rental software payments. Goodshuffle Pro

Old school clients also tend to love their pen and paper. While we highly encourage taking advantage of our online signatures, we also allow customers to provide both digitally signed online contract and traditional paper contracts. Within each project, users have the ability to print their contract from a PDF format with no extra hassle. By simply pressing the print symbol in a project, your event rental company could go ahead and hand a paper of copy of the contract right to the client. The client will even have the ability to download the contract him or her self, print and sign it, and scan it back to you. Whichever method is used, Goodshuffle Pro still allows you to securely document the contract within the project folder! Our software provides a file section of each project where you can upload any scanned documents and not have to worry about holding onto paper copies.
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The Price Police Client

The majority of event rental companies tend to hide low cost items, provided services, and other items that are not as important to a customer from its contracts. Well every now and then we receive a customer who wants to know exactly where every dollar and cent of their payment is going. Although you may feel as if your included crew tear-down service isn't necessary to display to a client, the client may want a full breakdown of their expense. Some clients may also get joy out of seeing what additional services you provide for them "free of cost" while others may be saying "show me exactly where my money is going."

Either way, Goodshuffle Pro allows you to choose what goes on a contract and what is hidden from contracts, but still shown on pullsheets and tracked for inventory control purposes. This is true for items in and out of packages, services, and more! You can even adjust certain items to automatically hide from contract when added to a project, and go back later to adjust it on a project-to-project basis. This again provides you the ability to tailor towards any sort of customer.

Want to learn about how Goodshuffle Pro can help tailor your contracts per client and make your customer service top notch?

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